2nd Review of Management and Economic Engineering International Management Conference
Management of Crisis or Crisis of Management ?
15th-17th Sept. 2011, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
PhD. Students Workshop

The Review of Management and Economic Engineering seeks to encourage PhD. students toward and facilitate them in becoming members of the community of management scholars. This Workshop provides an enjoyable opportunity for students working toward doctorates to interact with and learn from fellow students and top scholars in the field. The general aim of the workshop is to help students approach dissertations with renewed vigor by viewing them from a distance with the help of others. It also provides a springboard for successful careers in the field by examining important issues such as publishing and career progression.

PhD students are strongly encouraged to participate in the conference. Hence, they are encouraged to submit papers to conference where a wide range of scholarly topics are discussed. The conference fee covers participation to the PhD. workshop and submission of a paper as main author.

The faculty involved in the PhD. workshop includes scholars from a variety of geographical and disciplinary backgrounds.

Please apply for admission by 15th of August 2011 latest by uploading a single document in Microsoft WORD that contains the following: 

  1. Complete contact details, including name, university affiliation, e-mail address, and phone number.

  2. A sentence describing stage in the doctoral program.

  3. A paragraph on how this workshop would benefit you.

  4. A summary of the dissertation or thesis that includes the research question, theoretical framing, and research design. The entire document must not exceed three pages.

Applications that do not ad here to these guidelines will not be accepted. Please note that attendance is limited.

Please note that workshop registration must be submitted separately from application and registration for the 2nd RMEE Management Conference.

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RMEE2010 - indexed in the “ISI Web of Knowledge” ISI Proceedings Database. http://www.isiwebofknowledge.com/ 1st Review of Management and Economic Engineering International Management Conference: Twenty Years After - How Management Theory Works, September 2010, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania



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